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Retro holiday angst courtesy of Holt Renfrew

Retro holiday angst courtesy of Holt Renfrew

Thursday December 24th

3:14: Written at my yoga studio & retyped at my desk.

Hi Kate,

So this isn’t a very holiday like note: since I’ve been thinking all day  about memory & the utter randomness of life/ death.

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Evil looking santa

Why I Hate Santa

At five and two my kids are still young enough to truly believe in Santa and so, I’m currently doing my best to hide my hatred for the fat man in the bad suit. Read more…


blogmidlifeThursday December 10

11:40 pm

Hey Kate,

I’m not sure I can do proper sentences (crazy long week on the work/kid/writing front) -which is why this is so late. Read more…

Sending notes…

Sending notes

Sending notes

Tuesday November 24th

My (standing) desk

7:30 pm

Hey Kate,

In a retro flashback to 7th grade: I wrote you a note at work, that I’m now typing up.  The fact that it relates to boys, well men, just compounds this sensation.

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Not seeing what’s right in front of you…


Boy 1’s room
Monday November 9

Hi Kate,

Seeing you on Friday night at the Munk Debate was such an unexpected bonus! We should’ve taken a picture…

So I loved the photo from last week! It was such a hit with my boys.  And the data from last week – there’s something very sparse and powerful in those numbers.

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Was It Just Sunday?


Mantra for my next decade?

Tuesday October 27: 12:07 am
My kitchen

The sign above is what hangs next to my bathroom mirror – it’s a postcard I snagged from the Toronto Google offices almost two years ago and increasingly, I think its going to have to be the tagline or mantra for this next decade.  Get it done in some way or form and then move on to the next thing.

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Monday October 12, 2015

4:55 pm

The front seat of rented mini van on the 402

Hi Kate,

Your letter from last week was so wonderfully lyrical and reflective and your ideas stayed with me all week…

In contrast, everything about my writing mindset and set up at the moment feels like the opposite: functional and slightly utilitarian – and symbolic of my daily challenge as a “creative” parent.

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Oh f*ck it’s messy…


Snapshot that captures my life at the moment: things in the works, but its messy.

Sunday September 27, 2015

2:45 pm , lobby of a tutoring place in downtown Toronto

Hey Kate,

It’s come to this – typing up a note while waiting for boys 1& 2 to do a tutoring assessment, in between so many different lists scattered around me, emailed to me (from me), typer on my phone, on stickies. Family+ the new world of work + a creative career is just so messy.  Confession: I fantasize about the simplicity of the straight forward job at times.

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Lots of tears last week – but this picture made all the boys happier, so I thought I’d share! Classic Boy 2.

Tuesday September 15th,

My desk. Now tidy(ish)

Hi Kate,

So after five years of working from home – I’m starting a contract today that has me back in an office three days a week.

I know – shocking!

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Spotted last week while I was walking the Vancouver seawall…

Thursday September 3, 2015

The bottom bunk, the boys room, 11:50

Hey Kate,

For a combo of reasons, my letter this week is really a list.

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