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I think I passed.

photo -RevaIndian

I don’t tend to wear Indian clothes but here’s a throw-back Thursday shot from one of the events from my wedding. Whenever I’m pregnant my face looks so different.


June 24th, 2015

The dentist’s office

1:15 pm

Hey Kate,

Am so sad I wasn’t able to come by and check out the new place – this summer, for sure.

I’m currently writing from the frigid waiting room of our family dentist, am here with boys 1& 2.

It’s a task that completely fits the with “woman’s work” you described last week.  Yes, yes Dad’s do this but among women I know (and interviewed) the default starts with the Mom and then from there might get re-routed.

Anyway this context (icy cold blasts, kids coming and going, plus the Spice Girls asking me. “…what I want, what I really really want”) doesn’t seem like the right place for the issue floating through my mind this week – race, well specifically the idea of  passing …

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A postcard from here…

AveryArmThursday June 11th
9:36 am

My insanely messy desk – which looks worse in the sun.

Hey Kate,

Not a letter but a quick note or really a postcard this week – but thankfully not a postcard from the edge – just from here.

Its been a crazy few days in terms of time moving super fast, lots of end of year activities, a work to do list which I keep rewriting and it keeps growing and lots of family moving pieces on both the kid and parent front.

My work flow epiphany: its all about either quick wins so you feel good or just focusing on the three most time sensitive/high impact actions.

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