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“Who Said Anything About Being Happy?”


Window view.

Monday April 13, 2015
Via Rail Train
Somewhere outside Toronto

Hey Kate,

Right now, I’m wishing I could make a business class seat on this train a semi-regular office – it both weirdly productive and wonderfully soothing.   I find I can get into a real work flow interspersed with regular intermissions of just listening to music while looking out the window (ideal daydream/thinking time).

It reminds me of being in my twenties, when I feel I had so many more opportunities to be in-between time and space.

Something I miss.

So I tend not to swear in print but occasionally it’s required: what a  f*cking crazy week you’ve had, I can’t believe all of that shit went down in one day. I am so sorry you are having to go through this.

Seriously, forget what I was saying last week, if anyone deserves a drink (or something better?) its you.

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