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Reva Seth is a best-selling author, policy entrepreneur, speaker & strategic advisor.

Reva Seth is the founder of The Optimal Living Lab an initiative making the case for public investment in the personal infrastructure of individuals.

She is also a Senior Fellow at Canada 2020 and The Brookfield Institute. 

Reva’s research & writing focuses on constructing evidence -based frameworks for advocacy; creating products, events, media campaigns & nimble partnership opportunities to ignite new thinking & conversations – and then channeling that interest into practical programs and actions.

Most recently worked with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and key team  on the 2015 Liberal Party of Canada campaign platform.

She’s the best selling author of two non-fiction books, her most recent, The MomShift: Women Share Their Stories of Career Success After Children (Random House: February 2014).

Described by the the Globe and Mail as a “Brash new take on Working Moms,” The MomShift is based on over 500 interviews and uses personal stories to showcases all the choices that women today have when it comes to creating the professional and personal lives they want.

It debuted and spent over two months as Chapters/Indigo best-seller.

In her first book, First Comes Marriage: Modern Relationship Advice From The Wisdom of Arranged Marriages (Simon & Schuster: June 2008) Reva re-­examined our perceptions of this cultural tradition with 300 interviews with women who had decided to have arranged marriages and used their experiences to offer the reader new and unexpectedly more empowering ways of thinking about their own dating and relationships life.

Reva regularly writes on gender equity, talent optimization and the new world of her work.  

She has been featured on ABC’s 20/20, CBS Sunday Morning, CTV’s Canada a.m., The Steven & Chris Show, and her writing and ideas have been featured in Fast CompanyThe Atlantic, The Times (London)The Rotman School of Business,  Canadian Business, The Globe and Mail, Elle Canada, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, Policy Options, Reader’s Digest, and Redbook, among others.

As a strategic advisor Reva has worked with a range of public and private clients on creating the public narrative they need to achieve their personal, business, political and impact goals.

Reva began her career as a lawyer on Bay Street. 

She attended the University of British Columbia (international relations) and holds an LLB from Western and an LLM (Trade & Competition Law) from Osgoode. 

She sits on Board of Trudeau Centre for Peace, Conflict & Justice at The University of Toronto.

She is married and has three boys.