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New Beginnings…

Friday September 8, 2017
A hotel in Toronto surrounded by boys, baggage and mess.

Dear Kate,

Another summer done.  This one felt long to me, not in long and lazy kind of way, but in a I never really started the summer sort of way, if you know what I mean? I think it’s because in the background was this big change since tomorrow morning  we head out to San Francisco.

A big change – especially for my boys.

But less so for me – R & I  moved back to Toronto in 2008 and this stint has been the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere, ever.

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I explained tampons – and it was a moment.

A happy tampon.

June 28, 2016
A Hotel Deck

Dear Kate,

Since turning 40 my never all that well organized life/in-box/to do list seems to have reached a new level of chaos – hence the unintended mini sabbatical on letters….oddly I regularly think letters to you that I don’t end up writing.

Lots going on -but what comes to mind today is that I had one of those rare parenting moments: when good intention meets the realization that actually in midst of the all demands it creates, parenting is also an incredible social impact opportunity.

It’s something mainstream culture actually needs to talk about more – because it would help us re-frame and value care so much more than we currently do.

All of this from a tampon commercial.

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It’s Ok For It To Be Messy…

Yes, on a flight I gave my kid chocolate milk in a bottle.

Yes, I gave my kid chocolate milk in a bottle to stop the crying on a long haul flight. I was totally judged for this move btw.  I thought they’d be grateful for the quiet.

Sunday May 8, 2016

Hey Kate,

I actually had a completely different letter lined up for you – but today, Mother’s Day, in my most relaxing moment so far (everyone left the house after lots of shouting and bickering) I realized I wanted to talk to you about something else entirely…

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Renwick Gallery, Washington

Renwick Gallery, Washington

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Birth Stories.

Me on my second birthday. My Mom  is 23 here. My Dad is 33.

Me on my second birthday. My Mom is 23 here. My Dad is 33.

Friday May 11th

1:30 am

Dear Kate,

Eleven years ago tonight – I was alone with my eldest son for the first time in the maternity ward of the Royal Free Hospital in London.

I was 29 and it was 8 days till my birthday.

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Wednesday August 5, 2015

My little mini patio, 9:57

Hey Kate,

So this is a writing first for me – a post that goes straight on my blog but is written from my phone!

Knowing I’m probably among the last adopters of this  hack actually doesn’t change my excitement at all – since suddenly  the possibilities on how and where I work seem even more limitless….

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Post Disney Hangover

Light sabre battles were the highlight. Note the uniform.

Light sabre battles were the highlight. Note the uniform.

My local library

Hey Kate,

I’m looking for soul nourishment via my local library today – an effort to counter my sense of total meh exhaustion. I think I have a post-Disney hangover.

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just a moment that caught my eye...

just a moment that caught my eye this week…

February 1, 2016

My Desk – 10:50 pm

Hey Kate,

I wish I could blame Canada Post for the delay on this one…

And I can no longer use “busyness” as the reason (among my 2016 resolutions is to eliminate that frame from my life) after reading research on how negative it is.  But I’ve been both sidetracked /absorbed – my Mom hasn’t been well, the kids, work, etc.

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Deliberate Living Or At Least An Attempt At It…

FullSizeRender (40)

I want this necklace – don’t know the designer.

Since I wrote this Kate – I’ve realized that my life is currently totally out of balance in terms of the ratio of how I spend my time:to what I want to be building. Much life re-ordering to be done – that & a series of technical issues is why it is also so late!

January 6th, 2016

My desk


We are only on day 6 of 2016 and you are already off to a bang – starting as you mean to go on! Huge congratulations on the US release of A Hole In The Middle: thrilling news!

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My Friday Night Date…


my notebook for this project!

Friday March 13, 2015

Floor of my study…

Hey Kate my Friday night date,

I’m pretty excited to chat.

Right now, I’m in that that sweet spot when all three boys have (finally) fallen asleep and the house is decadently silent (since our house is always a mess, its the natural play-date place) – and so we regularly have 6-7 boys banging around.  No one wanted to go to bed today and so the novelty of this peace hasn’t yet worn off enough for me to start my almost daily mental conversation on how I should really be more loving and patient at bedtime….

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