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I Think We Need To Celebrate More…


February 6, 2014
Montego Bay

Hey Kate,

As ever I’m slightly delayed – but Happy Birthday!

I seriously hope you escaped the moving boxes and did something utterly indulgent…I think we (you, me, parents, women, people over 30) should go back to celebrating ourselves and our lives just a bit more – I mean just think how much effort we put in to our kids birthdays… Read more…

“Who Said Anything About Being Happy?”


Window view.

Monday April 13, 2015
Via Rail Train
Somewhere outside Toronto

Hey Kate,

Right now, I’m wishing I could make a business class seat on this train a semi-regular office – it both weirdly productive and wonderfully soothing.   I find I can get into a real work flow interspersed with regular intermissions of just listening to music while looking out the window (ideal daydream/thinking time).

It reminds me of being in my twenties, when I feel I had so many more opportunities to be in-between time and space.

Something I miss.

So I tend not to swear in print but occasionally it’s required: what a  f*cking crazy week you’ve had, I can’t believe all of that shit went down in one day. I am so sorry you are having to go through this.

Seriously, forget what I was saying last week, if anyone deserves a drink (or something better?) its you.

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Retro holiday angst courtesy of Holt Renfrew

Retro holiday angst courtesy of Holt Renfrew

Thursday December 24th

3:14: Written at my yoga studio & retyped at my desk.

Hi Kate,

So this isn’t a very holiday like note: since I’ve been thinking all day  about memory & the utter randomness of life/ death.

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