Coaching & Personal Advisory Services

Parenthood inherently changes us – making us reflect on our goals, identity, ambitions, relationships and careers.

Whether you are thinking about children, currently planning for them, a Mom to be, a new Mom or further down along on this journey, a personal advisory session can help you:

  • Stop feeling stuck or trapped and instead explore the numerous career and life options that you have but might not have considered – and then create a plan to achieve it.
  • Articulate your authentic goals and ambitions and use that insight to design a structured path towards achieving your next level life.
  • Receive positive and targeted guidance to successfully navigate a period of transition, challenge or a difficult decision.
  • Find constructive and positive solutions to issues arising from the nexus of career and family.
  • Stay on course through ongoing support and regular check-ins.

My Approach: Strategic Questions & Nudge Changes

Unlike many coaches, I don’t use a formulaic or one size all training course. All my coaching is tailored specifically to you and your individual needs and priorities.

My approach is based on a strategic questions and nudge changes.

I have spent over a decade interviewing women about their lives, relationships and careers. Most recently, I spent the last five years speaking with over 500+ successful women about how they designed, navigated and adapted their career and personal lives after having children.

What I have learned along the way is the power of asking the right questions, combined with small changes, can lead you to being both more successful professionally as well as happier and more joyful personally.

Let’s get the conversation started. If you are interested in more information – please contact me.

Corporate packages, group coaching, webinar, phone options and one-time sessions are all available.


Current coaching and personal advisory clients include:

Bennet Jones