After the launch of The MomShift, I received numerous requests from organizations to share how the research relates to their current in-house women’s leadership, diversity and talent retention initiatives.

Consequently, I partnered with The Mattam Group, an award winning HR & Diversity consultancy, to release Mom’s The Word: How Organizations Can Change The Impact Of Motherhood on Long-Term Career Success.

Read Mom's the WordBased on the lessons from both the report and book, we have been implementing programs across North America that includes:

  • Speaking events, monthly discussion groups and quarterly panels
  • Support on dealing with IVF or infertility choices
  • Unconscious bias training
  • A 360 maternity leave & return program (including coaching)
  • Career support, leadership and mentoring programs

All our programs are custom tailored to reflect your specific needs and budget and can be combined with existing programs or adapted to be an add on to internal materials and initiatives.

To find out how The MomShift/The Mattam Group can help your organization, please contact me.

Click here to download the report