Women In The House: The Persons Day Panel

Person’s Day is an example of the ultimate nudge policy change, a small shift with a powerful and positive ripple effect.

It remembers the October 18, 1929 decision that ruled that women were finally considered “persons” under the law in Canada.

And it meant that women could have the right to hold office in House of Commons & the Senate.

On October 17, 2016 and in partnership with the incredible team at Canada 2020 (& in my capacity as the founder of The Optimal Living Lab) we brought together an incredible panel to reflect on where the opportunities are to accelerate our ability to create gender equity in politics and public life –

Both in terms of women in the House of Commons, but also in terms of achieving gender equity in riding associations, campaign managers and political staff – so that we actually shift the foundation of our country to one that research shows is more likely to create healthier, safer and more prosperous lives for more people.

In a deeply frustrating twist, I was fogged in at the Island Airport and had two flights cancelled and then raced over to Pearson Airport to have the same thing happen again – so I missed the actual discussion – which featured:

But here’s a recap: http://canada2020.ca/women-in-the-house-the-persons-day-panel/

I’m always super grateful our partners who made this event & a discussion of these ideas, in Ottawa, on that historical evening & really with an incredible group of influencers in the crowd actually possible.

A very sincere thank you to:

persons day

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