Why it’s time to question outdated paradigms of motherhood

The latest issue of the Rotman School of Management’s magazine features a Q&A with yours truly.

You have interviewed over 500 women of different backgrounds, ages, careers and family situations, and while there is no single template for post-baby professional success, you did find some underlying commonalities. Tell us about them.

Not surprisingly, women continually referenced the need for supportive partners, flexibility and the importance of hired help for housework and childcare.  But in addition to these well-known needs, there were some other interesting commonalities. Knowing yourself was a big one. Your career’s evolution and success don’t happen in isolation from your personal decisions and choices. While on maternity leave, one of the women I interviewed used that time to figure out what she really wanted, as a mother, a wife, and a partner in an accounting firm. There’s something to that: deliberately taking the time to decide what you are doing and why you are doing it. So many people just slide into a career without taking the time to analyze their decisions and engage in that kind of introspection.

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Image: “Office” by Luis Prado for the Noun Project

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