Optimal Nudges: Template For A Better To Do List

Template One: Trying to create a better to do list.

T1: Trying to create a better to do list.

My career is made up of so many different moving parts and projects that I’m always looking for the best way to organize my actions & thoughts against target outcomes or goals (which include parenting).

I also believe most of our to do lists  just lead to  overwhelming “busyness” but don’t actually create the life we want (the reason is that most aren’t framed based on our values or target outcomes but in reaction to other people or events).

I’m trying to to find the optimal way to do align these ideas – (but without buying a complicated system or set of apps) – plus experience has shown that is has to be simple or I’ll give up on it.

I hate life admin.

This week I’m trying the  template above which designed to make me divide my life into 5 key areas (the empty table)  and then track actions against those fundamental focus areas:(over time, I’ve realized everything I care about can be captured in 5 Key Areas.  More on this another time – along with how this segmentation helps optimize your thoughts/results.)  Very freeing.

The template includes:

  • Header For The Date:
  • Header For: What This Week Is About: This is the frame I want to apply to focusing my thoughts for the week.
  • Outcomes Needed To Happen: This is for the 5 results that I need to create this week, to move forward on my goals.
  • An Empty 5 Column Table: to track actions & to do’s  for the 5 key areas of my life
  • A Parenting Table: The second sheet is a parenting hack I’m trying – which is to be more deliberate  by tracking what needs to happen for my 3 boys at: school, in their chores/home stuff'; bigger projects they want to do (or I want them to do), books to read and then just general life stuff (movies they want to see, play-dates).

If anyone has a better template they are willing to share I would to see it, try it and write about it.


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