Deliberate Living Or At Least An Attempt At It…

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I want this necklace – don’t know the designer.

Since I wrote this Kate – I’ve realized that my life is currently totally out of balance in terms of the ratio of how I spend my time:to what I want to be building. Much life re-ordering to be done – that & a series of technical issues is why it is also so late!

January 6th, 2016

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We are only on day 6 of 2016 and you are already off to a bang – starting as you mean to go on! Huge congratulations on the US release of A Hole In The Middle: thrilling news!

How are you feeling about things? Book launch days for me are always weird – similar to sending my kids to their first day of school – where you are wondering what’s happening but at that point can’t really do much.

Over here, I’m currently caught between the post holiday hangover – the sugar Kate, there was so much sugar (think ice cream & cake at 10am because why not?) meets all the good intentions/plans for a whole new me/life/career.

I’m very into resolutions – I don’t just make them every January – its like an every Monday type thing for me.

But this year I want to take it to an entirely new level: I’ve decided to make 2016 my Year Of Deliberate Living.

And by deliberate living I mean something between Thoreau’s definition and Oprah’s take on it.  I guess I mean each day actively trying to take the mindset and actions that will create more of the outcomes and attitudes I’m after in each key area of my life.

I’m feeling the pressure Kate – 5 months till I’m 40 and I feel this overwhelming confusion on what does it mean? Where am I going? What should I do? And then on the other extreme – utter indifference, really nothing is all that different…

 Middle ground has never been my thing.

I will say I’ve taken your advice and am getting more sleep – nothing like the promise of anti-aging to motivate me to actually take on a 10:30 bedtime!

xo. Reva

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