Post Disney Hangover

Light sabre battles were the highlight. Note the uniform.

Light sabre battles were the highlight. Note the uniform.

My local library

Hey Kate,

I’m looking for soul nourishment via my local library today – an effort to counter my sense of total meh exhaustion. I think I have a post-Disney hangover.

I did love the sun and I’m a fan of really any family vacation… side note: have I mentioned my plan of  (hopefully!) taking a year off to the travel with the boys? A different post.

Anyway, the main upside of Disney with three little boys is that it’s so immediate, immersive and chaotic that it leaves no room for getting into your head – which in a week filled with news and analysis of the Ghomeshi trial, I was actually incredibly grateful for.

Wise words in your last letter about enjoying the ride…I really hope you are. It makes me think that we really need to find more ways to help people foster a greater enjoyment and satisfaction  on the journey towards their next goals, because really otherwise what’s the point of it all? Think men do this any better? I should research it.

Tell me how its going with the editing?  Bizarrely I quite enjoy editing – far more than I do the writing, I think its because you have a book done (!!) now you are just making it better – taking it from a B- to an A- is how I think of it. Or in your case more likely a solid A.

Less than two months till my 40th and I’m currently underwhelmed by own plans – and torn by the idea that obsessing about turning 40 (which I kind of am) is utterly narcissistic and I should stop versus the idea that leaving a deliberate life requires this kind of self reflection.

Anyway, one of the best pieces of advice I’ve recently heard about being 40 is that you increasingly “Give Zero Fucks”. This seems immensely cheering to me.

Giving fucks: sucks.

But based on the women I see around me, I’m not sure if I think it’s true? Thoughts?

Xo Reva

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