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Boy 1’s room
Monday November 9

Hi Kate,

Seeing you on Friday night at the Munk Debate was such an unexpected bonus! We should’ve taken a picture…

So I loved the photo from last week! It was such a hit with my boys.  And the data from last week – there’s something very sparse and powerful in those numbers.

The statistic that really stayed with me was that you had 71 meals with girlfriends – that is impressive. And proof that you are living life well.  This is one area that I need to change: when it comes my friends, far too many of our chats are happening around the kids (not the same) or at quasi work type events where we huddle to the side talk fast and then text while in cabs home.

One 2016 goal is to systematically tackle this. Scheduling: is the answer to everything.

Sigh. I’m feeling old this week Kate.

Partly because it’s getting cold but more because at a routine Doctor’s appointment early last week –  I was diagnosed with early onset arthritis in my hands (which incidentally have always been the part of my body I’m the most self conscious about).

What’s interesting to me is that in retrospect, I can’t believe I didn’t realize that something was wrong. My hands are always stiff – the first thing I do when I get a hot cup of coffee is put it against my knuckles.

My fingers fumble often with zippers and buttons.

If I carry groceries my fingers feel awkward for the next couple of hours.

I also knew that my grandmother and two of my Aunts had severe arthritis quite young and yet I didn’t or didn’t want to see what was literally right in front me.

It’s an unnerving thought.

xo. Reva

PS What’s the one book that you’ve almost finished? I found myself trying to guess!

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