Renwick Gallery, Washington

Renwick Gallery, Washington

Me, Rana  & our Defence Minister

Me, Rana & our Defence Minister

Rob & Catherine.

Rob & Catherine.

Post party party. With Rana & Althia.

Post party party. With Rana & Althia.

The St. Regis Hotel,

Wed. March 9, 2016

Hi Kate,

Today my surroundings are slightly more glam than my usual messy kitchen or desk…in Washington for the Canada 2020  with the Prime Minister & The Weekend (the latter has earned me some cred with my niece & nephew).

The town is buzzing on the Canada front – its fascinating to see.

There’s something funny about these visits, all the bizarre protocol/hype on the odd things  (e.g. A press corps member was telling me how the White House has recreated the room that the State Dinner will be held in – but in another room so press can see it along with examples of what will be served).

My eyebrows can’t help but raise at things like this!

Overall it feels like some kind of political prom – since lots of friends in town, staying at different at hotels trying to coordinate where for drinks before, what after party – but so far, all really fun.

Earlier this week (feels like months ago)  for International Women’s Day I went to see Gloria Steinem speak- and in spite of recent criticisms, she’s s legend and it was pretty amazing.

She was speaking very personally and reflectively on her life (she’s 82 #lifegoals) and one themes she talked about was the benefits of ageing and how suddenly, while in a cab or having a coffee a moment of just complete present contentment washes over her.

It made me feel optimistic about getting older something that as I see my parents and in laws rapidly heading down that path – frankly terrifies me. That maybe it actually, it doesn’t have to be like that and that there can be a kind of beauty and peace in the decay.

Washington is eerily hot (it’s like our PM creates “sunny days “where he goes,) but I’m loving it – I’m in a state of change so it helps. Next Tuesday is my last day at the agency I was at for the last six months and now a new chapter….

Xo Reva

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