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Mindfulness and meditation need to be part of Canada’s mental-health strategy



This oped was first published in The Globe & Mail on June 29, 2017.

Pro athletes, celebrities, Fortune 100 CEOs and Silicon Valley billionaires have rhapsodized on how meditation and mindfulness are the most effective tools for health, personal performance and well-being since, well, exercise. Like yoga and running before it, mindfulness tools and meditation programs are now big business – with popular apps like Headspace, the Mindfulness App and Buddhify receiving tens of millions of downloads.

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CBC The Current: Talking Mandatory Paternity Leave

CBC The Current

I love this show- and the national conversations it starts.

I’m also in awe of the host – Anna Maria Tremonti - and so having the chance to speak with her about the incredible impact that mandatory paternity leave would have was both nerve wracking and quite cool.

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Mandatory Paternity Leave Is An Investment In Career And Family

R & the boys at the local pool

R & 2 of the boys…

This post was first published in The Huffington Post  on June 17th 2016.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to say this: I regret the name of my last book, The MomShift: Women Share Their Stories of Career Success After Kids, because for the past year or so every time I say the title I feel like I am unintentionally further sidelining dads from the conversation and issue of work, parenting and care.

And that’s the exact opposite of what’s needed.

While Canadian dads are more involved with family life than ever before, currently, only one in 10 eligible Canadian fathers claims parental-leave benefits (a number that has held constant since the mid-2000s).

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Here’s What Companies Lose By Skimping On Mental Wellness Programs

Bryce Canyon at sunrise. This was good my mental health.

Bryce Canyon at sunrise. This was good my mental health.

This article was first published in Fast Company on May 4th, 2016.

By one recent measure, companies are now pouring over $70 billion a year into corporate training in the U.S., an investment that’s been growing at record rates in years following the recovery from the last financial crisis.

But there’s one area that most of those resources will barely touch: mental wellness. That’s despite growing evidence of a serious need for employers to step up and take better care of their employees’ mental health.

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Optimal Nudges: Template For A Better To Do List

Template One: Trying to create a better to do list.

T1: Trying to create a better to do list.

My career is made up of so many different moving parts and projects that I’m always looking for the best way to organize my actions & thoughts against target outcomes or goals (which include parenting).

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Redefining The Legal Practice

Reva Seth

Pictures from the bottom looking up not a good idea.

This piece first appeared in The Western Alumni Gazette. 
As well the irony of me commenting on shifting trends in the way law practiced (given how my brief my own legal career was) is not lost on me.  It does however make me laugh.

Reva Seth, LLB’01, forcing profession to deal with career-family disconnect

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How To Enlist Other People To Do Your Networking For You

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Here’s How “Metric Parenting” Can Help Relieve Working-Parent Guilt

Art with & by Boy 1.

Art with & by Boy 1.

“We track our fitness goals, nutritional intake and spending but few of us track our parenting activities in quite the same way.” Here’s why we should. 

This article was first published in Fast Company on March 9, 2016.

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Canada’s Global Opportunity: End Gender Bias Through Our Teenage Boys

Boy 1 seems like  9 going on 19. Shriek.

Boy 1 seems like 9 going on 19. Shriek!

“Adolescence is the optimal time to be deliberately, positively and proactively shaping norms on gender and care.”

This piece first appeared in The Huffington Post on March 8, 2016.

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What Traditional Arranged Marriages Can Teach Couples About Work-Life Balance

7 dates & we got engaged. 13 years so far...

7 dates & we got engaged. 13 years so far…

We aren’t all that comfortable planning our love lives to account for the strains our work lives place on them – but that’s where arranged marriages can help. Yes, really.  This article first appeared in Fast Company on February 18, 2016.

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