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How Parents Can Raise Empathetic Leaders In Trump’s America


This piece was first published in Fast Company on November 18, 2016.

I’ve never been able to sit through a full episode of The Apprentice. President-Elect Donald Trump’s management and communication style flashes me back to my own three-month stint working with a boss like that.

It gives me an instant migraine.

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5 Leadership Lessons From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

I might the only Canadian left who doesn't have a selfie...

I might the only Canadian left who doesn’t have a selfie…

This article was first published in Fast Company on June 29, 2016.

This week, just two months after the much-debated elbowing incident in the Canadian Parliament, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau landed on the cover of a Marvel comic book.

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5 Steps For Turning “Let’s Get A Coffee” Into A Productive Career Move

This piece was first published in Fast Company on June 3, 2016.

I recently had a “coffee meeting” with a global leader in my field. It had been booked almost three months earlier and had me (happily) taking a car, plane, train, and jitney each way to meet her. We hadn’t explicitly set an agenda or defined the purpose of our chat—but all the effort to make it happen was well worth it.

The truth is that these informal meetings can sometimes prove the most consequential of your career. But it’s easy to be deceived by the casualness of an invitation to grab a coffee and imagine these opportunities are less important than they can be. They aren’t actually job interviews or pitch meetings, but they’re more intentional than chance conversations at networking events.
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Doors still hard to pry open for moms re-entering the work force

“Reva Seth, author of The Mom Shift, agreed that battling the stereotype of the uncommitted mother remains a top priority in helping to pave the way for women to return. “Since I published The Mom Shift, the reality is that in the boardrooms and hallways of Canada’s organizations and companies, the progress on women being able to enter the work force easily after an extended break really hasn’t changed much at all,” Ms. Seth acknowledged.

However, she remains optimistic that change will happen once men, specifically senior-level baby boomers, continue to seek better work-life balance. “Ironically, these guys are most likely to be the change agents that will benefit returning working moms,” she said.”

This piece by Leah Eichler was published in The Globe & Mail on June 3, 2016.

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Optimal Nudges: Template For A Better To Do List

Template One: Trying to create a better to do list.

T1: Trying to create a better to do list.

My career is made up of so many different moving parts and projects that I’m always looking for the best way to organize my actions & thoughts against target outcomes or goals (which include parenting).

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How To Enlist Other People To Do Your Networking For You

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What Traditional Arranged Marriages Can Teach Couples About Work-Life Balance

7 dates & we got engaged. 13 years so far...

7 dates & we got engaged. 13 years so far…

We aren’t all that comfortable planning our love lives to account for the strains our work lives place on them – but that’s where arranged marriages can help. Yes, really.  This article first appeared in Fast Company on February 18, 2016.

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What fathers need from bosses, peers and partners to be better parents

Dad 1 & Boy 2

Dad 1 & Boy 2

Last fall, Anne Marie Slaughter came to Toronto to speak about Unfinished Business.  She was amazing. Among her most interesting points was her call for a “male movement.”  Intrigued, I hosted a post event discussion with six men currently exploring this issue.

This piece first appeared 

F*ck The To-Do List: Its Time For A Got Done List

Taking a deep breath & starting my to do list

Taking a deep breath & starting my to do list

In my experience as both an author and freelance journalist, I’ve rarely (ever?) had control over the title of my pieces – if I did, I would have used the above over the more reasoned, “The Scientific Reasons Why Your To Do List Is Bad For You.”  This piece was first published in  Fast Company  in December 2015.

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Plan Your Career For When Your Kids Become Teens

Boys 1&2 dressed B3 as a "hipster".  Tweens loom.

B1 & B2 dressed B3 as a “hipster”. Tweens loom.

I loved working on this article. Interviewing Anne-Marie Slaughter  was such a pleasure, having  Kiristin Stewart contribute an additional bonus and it gave the chance to explore a topic that I’ve been thinking and talking about a great deal over the past few months as I see the needs of my own three boys rapidly shifting.

This article first appeared in Fast Company on Tuesday January 19, 2016.

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