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CBC Tapestry: How To DIY Your Kids Spirituality

I’m always looking for data based ways to provide my three boys with more tools to (hopefully) both help their mental wellness and their  ability to live mindful lives.

Never an easy task but often especially challenging  since we are doing it without the structure of organized religion – so it was great to have the chance to chat with Ali Hassan about his own experiences on this similar journey.

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New Research Project: Better Mental Health, EQ & Personal Management Tools For Entrepreneurs



I started my first business, a communications consultancy in the UK eleven years ago. It was a super stressful time, my partner had also recently launched a media start up and we had just become parents.  There were cash flow ups and downs, the highs of winning clients and the pressure of scrambling to make up for contracts that weren’t renewed and deals that didn’t close.

Studies show that 30 percent of startups fail due to the emotional state of their founders; 72 percent of entrepreneurs deal with some type of mental illness and, in turn, 49 percent of first-degree relationships (spouses, partners, children and parents) will develop mental health issues themselves from the second-hand stress of the entrepreneur.

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Mindfulness and meditation need to be part of Canada’s mental-health strategy



This oped was first published in The Globe & Mail on June 29, 2017.

Pro athletes, celebrities, Fortune 100 CEOs and Silicon Valley billionaires have rhapsodized on how meditation and mindfulness are the most effective tools for health, personal performance and well-being since, well, exercise. Like yoga and running before it, mindfulness tools and meditation programs are now big business – with popular apps like Headspace, the Mindfulness App and Buddhify receiving tens of millions of downloads.

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How Parents Can Raise Empathetic Leaders In Trump’s America


This piece was first published in Fast Company on November 18, 2016.

I’ve never been able to sit through a full episode of The Apprentice. President-Elect Donald Trump’s management and communication style flashes me back to my own three-month stint working with a boss like that.

It gives me an instant migraine.

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Here’s What Companies Lose By Skimping On Mental Wellness Programs

Bryce Canyon at sunrise. This was good my mental health.

Bryce Canyon at sunrise. This was good my mental health.

This article was first published in Fast Company on May 4th, 2016.

By one recent measure, companies are now pouring over $70 billion a year into corporate training in the U.S., an investment that’s been growing at record rates in years following the recovery from the last financial crisis.

But there’s one area that most of those resources will barely touch: mental wellness. That’s despite growing evidence of a serious need for employers to step up and take better care of their employees’ mental health.

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How to raise spiritual kids


I love this picture – original art for the piece by Todays Parent. Thank you for making it awesome.


This is an issue I struggle with constantly and ironically, am often very envious of parents who unlike me can just commit to an organized religion.  This article was eight months in the making and was first published in the December 2015 issue of Today’s Parent  with the headline, “Raising a question of faith,” p. 74-76.
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This Business Trip: Finally Meditate


This Business Trip is a regular column that looks at how small changes can help you better optimize your business travel time.

This article was first published August 1st in Billy.

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Post Disney Hangover

Light sabre battles were the highlight. Note the uniform.

Light sabre battles were the highlight. Note the uniform.

My local library

Hey Kate,

I’m looking for soul nourishment via my local library today – an effort to counter my sense of total meh exhaustion. I think I have a post-Disney hangover.

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Not seeing what’s right in front of you…


Boy 1’s room
Monday November 9

Hi Kate,

Seeing you on Friday night at the Munk Debate was such an unexpected bonus! We should’ve taken a picture…

So I loved the photo from last week! It was such a hit with my boys.  And the data from last week – there’s something very sparse and powerful in those numbers.

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