Ignoring the gap

I found this on my phone I love it but I can't remember where I saw it or who it's by. Ideas?

I found this on my phone I love it but I can’t remember where I saw it or who it’s by. Ideas?

Thursday October 26th

Kate – I finally managed to do it – get a letter up again!

I was in one of those periods where I was writing but seemed unable to take the last few (essential) steps it takes to get an article to an editor or a post published on a blog.    I kept drafting notes to you, but then on the re-read would  find the gap between what I wanted it to be and what it was too large.  And so I would abandon them.

Tonite, I’m determined to break that pattern with a short note since I just have to start somewhere.

I’m exhausted –

I’m doing a fireside chat at the Banff Forum  but I brought all three kids…we got here tonight and I’m already exhausted.

So fingers crossed that it doesn’t become one of those, “why the f*ck did I think this could be a good ideas” weekends.

But before I try and publish – I wanted to say your last letter made me so happy for you!

It was a really good summer to be in love wasn’t it?  Something about all that sun, real patio weather – it made me feel like two decades younger.

Your description that, “It’s about being equally present in Italian hotel rooms and in hospital rooms. It’s about knowing that there are no guarantees, and this might not work, and you might be humiliated, and still deciding that you’re all in” was so on point, that’s the frame we should deliberately take to this entire life stage, so much wisdom & perspective in these words.

Lets book in our annual lunch – and instead of lamenting how long it’s been, I’ll just look forward to it!




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