New Beginnings…

Friday September 8, 2017
A hotel in Toronto surrounded by boys, baggage and mess.

Dear Kate,

Another summer done.  This one felt long to me, not in long and lazy kind of way, but in a I never really started the summer sort of way, if you know what I mean? I think it’s because in the background was this big change since tomorrow morning  we head out to San Francisco.

A big change – especially for my boys.

But less so for me – R & I  moved back to Toronto in 2008 and this stint has been the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere, ever.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but moving really defined my family: it’s what we did.

My parents moved from India to Toronto, we moved between Toronto and Sarnia, in grade 4 I moved schools twice. We moved scenes and cultures – in grade 8 we moved to Madison New Jersey, after grade 11 to Bahrain.  For grade 13, I went to Neuchatel and lived in Switzerland.  Then I went to UBC and  moved to Vancouver and my parents went to Fort McMurray.  They moved to Houston and then to Dallas and we spent holidays and summers there. I went to Western for law school and they went to Caracas, Venezuela and so then, we were lucky enough to spend summers and holidays there.  I started working in Toronto and my parents moved to the UK, I got engaged and moved to London. also  They left the UK just as I got there and went on to Edmonton, Saskatoon and Libya.

And so it went.  I’ve been thinking about those changes a great deal recently especially as I think about how to best help our boys navigate this time.

This time is different for me also: I feel over-whelmed by the nostalgia of leaving the places and streets littered with visceral memories of my boys as babies, in strollers, those sticky toddler hands, those exhausting pick ups that ended with ice cream for dinner by the fire-station, all those little moments.   It makes me teary not because I want those days back but just because  it was.

This time my parents are also in a very different place which adds another dimension.

On a worrying note – none of the boys are yet registered in school, a long story, but project create a school when we land is also underway until we figure out our plan on that front.

I know I say some form of this in every letter but I  really can’t believe I haven’t seen you since the book launch  -how are you? How was the summer? And back to school?

I keep feeling like with this move, I’ll somehow end up seeing more of my friends than I do living in the same city as them (eternal optimism? Book your spring break in SF?) – but in the meantime, I guess we are real pen-pals now…

xo. Reva

For Kate’s last letter see: “Launch Day”, June 5, 2017

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