Brand building, narrative development, authentic storytelling 

I work with founders, leaders, early and mid stage startups as well as executives, enterprise organizations as well as political and public figures to build and shape their most powerful personal, product or mission story for the public moment.  One that sparks new conversations, re-positions who they are and what they stand for and helps disrupt the status quo for the better.

Content strategy, products and community conversations

I help build and package multichannel content products and campaigns that position the brand, amplify the narratives, build community and strategically position the brand and business to engages influencers, key stakeholders and builds genuine communities with a shared purpose.

Personal communications and coaching

The stories we tell ourselves and others about our journeys, challenges and our experiences shape our life and outcomes. I work 1:1 with individuals looking to shift their personal narratives and change the story they tell about about who they are, what they do and why it matters - often the most influential and impactful story of all.

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