Stories are how we transform, disrupt, connect and persuade.

I help founders, leaders, enterprise and organizations build, elevate and adjust their narratives to increase impact, influence and effectiveness. I love to help start new conversations and shift the framework on ideas and issues.


I have 15+ years working alongside global teams and brands to unlock their next level of value and impact.  My focus is on building timely narratives to leverage public and industry moments.

I bring a unique multi-lens professional perspective which helps me successfully drive and shape public stories and narratives in highly regulated, competitive and rapidly shifting markets and ecosystems.

I'm former lawyer, the best selling author of two non-fiction books, the co-founder and past CEO of Canada’s leading cannabis media company and a journalist published in The Atlantic, Fast Company, The Boston Globe, The Globe & Mail, Rotmans and The  Huffington Post.

I'm experienced political communicator and strategist and was a Senior Advisor and member of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s six person 2015 campaign platform team.

My approach brings together storytelling, advocacy and data based strategy. I love to build multi-channel campaigns and content products to shape stakeholder viewpoints, accelerate growth, increase value and shift the public and cultural landscape.


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