What Global Brands, Leaders and Organizations Need to Know About Successful Storytelling in the Post Covid U.S. Market

September 8, 2021

A lot has changed about the U.S. in recent months. But the scale and incredibly opportunity it represents for global businesses remain constant. As the world’s largest economy and consumer market, the U.S. represents the most opportunity dense marketplace in the world.

The disruptions caused by COVID 19 have created ecosystems and marketplaces defined by incredible opportunity. Pent-up consumer demand and dollars are expected to drive growth across sectors. For companies looking to fundraise, the expectations are also incredibly positive. Despite the pandemic, 2020 was a record year for the U.S. venture capital industry. A trend that is expected to continue.

But, as we shared in our recent e-book, Successful Storytelling in the US Market: The Playbook for Global Brands and High Growth Start-Ups, the post-pandemic cultural and business landscape in the United States requires a new level of purpose-driven narrative and creative high impact communication. Now more than ever, successfully realizing these opportunities depends on the impact of the business narrative, the strategic communications, and brand story.

Welcome to The U.S.: What’s Your Story?

Once the leadership team has decided to move forward on a strategy to enter the U.S. market, public relations (PR) and strategic communications needs to become a priority.

A successful U.S. market entry, expansion or fundraising event depends on the story told about the company, the leadership team, and the brand. This is how to establish the market position and lay the narrative groundwork with customers, clients, influencers and potential funders.  

This is about much more than a press release.  It’s about how all your communications —from company narrative to website copy, social media profiles and posts, earned media articles, employee communications and emails to your network – come together to shape customer and market perceptions. As a new brand and product these initial impressions are both defining and lasting. It is much harder and more expensive to unbundle, and course-correct than to invest the upfront time and intention into telling the right story to the right people in the right way for U.S. audiences.

Why PR Is Essential for U.S. Success

Successfully breaking through in the U.S. requires a dedicated investment and commitment. This is the world’s most competitive and sophisticated marketing landscapes. U.S. and globally grown businesses vie for the attention of would-be investors, customers, and acquirers. To break through, a new foreign entrant requires a unique, on-the-ground U.S. communications strategy. One that is attuned to local opportunities, angles and the pulse of the key ecosystems. This is true regardless of sector, vertical or target customer.

How well your company tells its story upon market entry and afterward will directly impact the outcome of every aspect of the company. This includes the ability to hire (and retain) top talent; secure strategic market positioning; build brand buzz and trust; drive customer acquisition; get investor attention and interest; secure partnerships and increase overall valuation.

As a new brand, business, product or team, strategic communications is how you become known – to funders, to customers, partners, talent and myriad stakeholders you need to achieve your growth targets. A strategic communications program can include everything from talking to media, arranging briefings for analysts, creating thought leadership content, winning awards, speaking at events and conferences, running social media campaigns and network activations. These activities fuels initiatives that help elevate the business. It also provides leadership opportunities to have conversations that and grow the brand’s reach and influence.

If your team or business is considering a US launch, expansion or fundraise we can help you to break through, I would love to hear from you at and Reva Seth, Senior Advisor rseth@shiftcomm.com.

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