Here's how to strategically shape your 2024 with a powerful look ahead post.

January 5, 2024

January offers a unique natural moment for founders and leaders to share their perspectives on what's ahead. Sharing your 2024 perspective isn't just a self-congratulatory exercise; it's a strategic power play.

It's a way to stake your claim in an ecosystem and sets the stage for what your organization and team will be focused on over the next year- and why.

Tactically, look-ahead posts are a controlled means to publicly set the narrative for the year ahead and frame how others perceive your approach and direction.

Here's how to craft the look ahead post to help you and your business progress.

Sharpen Your Lens:

The first step in crafting a compelling look ahead post is articulating the unique perspective through which you view the world. Don't assume your title adequately conveys it. Take a moment to define your distinctive perspective and why it matters.

Paint the Landscape:

Briefly sketch the industry or landscape you navigate. This includes summarizing the key trends and events of the past year that have shaped the current landscape. This helps your audience understand the context of your 2024 outlook.

The Trend Trifecta:

Identify 3-5 of the most significant trends for your space. Explain them clearly (no jargon). For each trend, predict its potential impact and the challenges it presents.

Navigating the Trends:

Shift from observation to action. Offer practical perspectives on how leaders can prepare for and leverage these trends in their organizations. Provide actionable insights that your audience can implement.

Spark the Conversation: Don't monologue, engage. Ask questions, invite discussion, encourage debate, and look to strike the tone balance between authoritative and confident but confident and clear.

A look-ahead post isn't just a blog; it's a strategic declaration of what matters most to your team, professional mission, and work - and establishes the framework to shape the year ahead for your thought leadership platform and profile.

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